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Arewa Online - The collective voice of Nigeria. Arewa Online is a Nigerian news website that focuses on the needs of northern Nigeria and it's people. A group of Nigerians in Canada are said to have established it and the mission is to foster and promote the northern spirit. It's one thing to read the news about Nigeria, but going deeper into the minds and hearts of the North is what Arewa online seems to be doing.
Arewa online also seems to be in support of New Democrats (ND), a Political arm of Nigerians in Diaspora. According to their website ,

"New Democrats (ND) is a broad-based movement for progress and justice, and the political arm of none other than Nigerians in Diaspora and in Nigeria. The purpose of ND is to give Nigeria a different political choice: the choice between failed political platforms exhausted and divided in everything other than its desire to cling on to power, and a new and revitalized New Democrats that is resolute in transforming itself into a party of the future. "

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