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Posted by Felix Okoli on March 31, 2011 at 04:25:27:

I was watching a news report on mobile internet services on BBC click and got to know that data services could cost as much as 7.50 per MB is you go online in a country outside the UK but within the UK is costs around 0.20 per MB.
Now 0.20 equals around N50 using the rates used at This is at a rate of N250 to 1. Now how much does a Megabyte cost in Nigeria is you are subscribed to a mobile internet service on networks like MTN, Glo or Airtel?

Well MTN Nigeria as well as Airtel Nigeria are currently offering 1MB for N10 = 0.04 = $0.06 in their N100(10MB) a day mobile data service
Glo Nigeria is also offering 1MB for N3.33 = 0.01 = $0.02 in their N500(150MB) a day data plan.

Those are the rates I have seen these telecom networks offering such mobile services to subscribers at competitive rates and it is quite cheaper than what is offered outside Nigeria.