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    I am a Chief in GHANA and a good friend of Chief Iwuanyanwu. I have been trying to contact him for some time now but have lost his direct contacts I had. We know each other from London when I was his PR during his bid for Flag bearer for his Party. My fb address is Nana Otu Akoto II, my e-mail is alex_okunor@yahoo.co.uk and tel: 020 81 54 139, 0346 33 00 30! Please can you kindly let me have his contact number and also pass on my details to him so we can reach each other. Thanking you ever so much.
    Nana Otu Akoto II

    - Nana Otu Akoto II Monday June 11, 2012 5:26:40

    I want to constantly read news on crime and police matter as a police man. Thank you.

    - ABIMBOLA SAMUEL Monday May 21, 2012 15:16:25

    I like champion newspaper
    - Eze Augustine Nnanyelugo Thursday February 9, 2012 11:59:48
    The main thing Nigeria needs now is prayers and not criticising the president

    - Oyewumi Joshua Ajibola 28/12/11

    i am writing my project with champion news paper in owerri as a case study

    - henry nwaoku 07/07/11

    There is nothing tnat will work, except, when there is what i termed as "PEACE"with peace, the world go round and round.Only in an atmosphere of peace that everything will work accordingly.Therefore, i urge my fellow brothers and sisters from all walks of lifes to be together and work harmoniously during the election periods.Cast your vote,then reunite to better the only mother land that we all owns.Violence is not the answer, but unity, peace and progress.Thank you.

    - Abdulkareem Muhammad Jika 28/03/11

    my villages people want me death please i need your help

    - johnson 27/09/10

    TACKLING POVERTY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Agricultural scientists, policy makers, farmers and other stake holders in the agricultural sector from all over the world recently met in Montpellier, Franc, in a bid to find practical solutions to the problems of poverty and hunger, especially in developing countries.

    - IBK ABEY 01/06/10

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