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    The sun is a good newspaper with intelligent reports, i love it.

    - Doro Monday March 12, 2012 16:20:49


    - BISHOPEMANET Monday March 12, 2012 16:8:44

    Some weeks ago the chairman & village head of Umuana Ndume Ibeku in Umuahia where the the former head of state hail from were detained by the for days at the advice of chief charles ogbonna to Gov.T.A Orji because they asked for a favour from Gov.T.A . Last week Gov.T.A Orji was booed by Aba people.Now Gov.T.A Orji is at war with Umuahia people $ Aba people because of Charlse Ogbonna.Your Exellency Sir,is this Charlse healthy for government.The world is all eyes open.

    - Prince ugo Tuesday March 6, 2012 8:39:21

    The sun nigeria is the best in the world. I love their sources of imformation. Tanks to the sun.

    - Oseya femi oseya Thursday March 1, 2012 10:5:16

    I like Sun Newspaper
    - Eze Augustine Nnanyelugo Thursday February 9, 2012 11:55:37
    Great Kudos to the green chamber.. by stopin the proposed removal of oil susidy, we the masses are more than convinced you serve our interest. unfortunately i cant say the same for your colleagus in the RED CHAMBER.

    - dan fulani 25/10/11

    My fellow country men&women, please lets choose to do the right thing at the right time as we all know the we have code of conduct through which all individual irrespective of your status should resppect and abide with. Other countries we visit do respect there's, so why do we forget the practise when we are back. Let's learn now to save our generation from untold hardship and continuous slavery. I live in Oyigbo where electricity is assumed to come from i.e Afam Power Station, but we have not seen or used electric light for more than months now. You can ask those living at School Rd, Umusoya, Ebereke,Iwuoma Estate etc.This is a very wrong practise, let's do the right thing.

    - Darlington Ikechukwu 28/09/11

    Greediness has so eaten up the heart of so called old politicians who would see nothing but their selfish motivated interests. They refuse to leave the government. They act as lords over the incumbent president. And when it doesn't favour their motives, they conspire to fault the government, sponsoring evil in disguise.

    - Reginald Amanze 13/09/11

    Thank you MR president goodluck jonanthan for the peace and freedom you give to people of abia state during the time of kidnappers.MR president we still need your intervention to some of our project.

    - Eze christian nwachukwu 02/08/11

    PLEASE YOUR CONTACT E-MAIL Sir, Iam a final year student of Atlantic International University AIU.And my final thesis is on online journalism, a test case of the sun online newspaper.Please may I have your e-mail contact as to request for vital information I might need from you.My best regards. Precious Onuoha Madrid - Spain

    - Precious Onuoha 13/06/11

    PLEASE YOUR CONTACT E-MAIL Sir, Iam a final year student of Atlantic International University AIU.And my final thesis is on online journalism, a test case of the sun online newspaper.Please may I have your e-mail contact as to request for vital information I might need from you.My best regards. Precious Onuoha Madrid - Spain

    - Precious Onuoha 13/06/11

    Your execllence, please ask NYSC/INCE Bayelsa State why they are still owning corpers for d 2011 election work we did. Is it that d fedarel government have not given them the money or that they don't want to give us our money. Do they want us to go without our money? Since last two months

    - Prince 12/06/11

    The hausa in north u are killing inocert people becouse Buhari .i want ask u how many Buhari children the kill during this riot? But i belive we learn lesson and with killing the person u don't want to rule most rule us that is the man people votes

    - Haruna Auta Gora 23/04/11

    Pls,i wnt d president to look into d governorship nd state assembly elections come next wk 26,many of dem hav ruled 4 8times bt nothing 2 show 4 it.for me nd my people,we hav planned neva 2 vote in any selfish leader back again bt they wnt 2 use money 2 influence d inec polling officers.the president pls warn inec

    - Mr.henry 20/04/11

    Why should agents of political parties be giving out money at poll units in order to be voted for. INEC should make sure such things don't continue again.

    - Icecube 15/04/11

    Enough of the arab slave in the affairs of black politic . buahari you are not a blackman . you are part of coup against original black leave nigeria alone and let the new generation of nigeria decide the future of our great country . Too long our great country has been monopolise by the arab slaves in the country

    - Blackman 05/04/11

    I am pleading 2 INEC to help us make this year election to be free,fair and credible election thank u 9ja.

    - Sunnybobo 04/04/11

    I am furtunate to be one of the graduates that never seek for a job in a day because I was gainfully employed with a Bank where I observed my NYSC before I decided to take a career with Federal Civil Service where I work till today. We appreciate the zeal in Mr. President to ensure dat all graduates are doing one or two things with their talent. But, it seems dat Fed Min of Defence is frustrating dis effort of Mr. President. Order was given by the Presidency for some Ministry to recruit last year in which Defence Ministry did and gave Appointment Letters to some beneficiaries June last year. These people were delayed till November 1st before they were documented. 5 months after, these set of people have not been given Posting Letters for dem to discharge their duties. The funniest part is dat, some were working before dis job and they had to resign to be able to fit in for dis. These people are stranded now! No work, no salary and no food, 10 months after employment letters and 5 months after documentation. Mr. President, please rescue dis people before they form an association dat will be dangerful to d peaceful atmospheric condition of our country. Funnily, some of them are dieing already. Mr. President please act! I am ready to defend this allegation if called upon anytime anyday provided my security is granted.


    It will soon be a year that I have been sending money to Nigeria to several people of way over 40,000.00 I have brought every ceterificates documonts that I have maxed out 2 credit cards and by savings and so far Ihave never gottin a dime from anyone if I could have collected all I would be one very rich woman. One was 30,000,000.00. I have sent so many wester unions that they had blocked me from sending anymore to Nigeria. Ofcurse I now know that this was all one big scam and I will never see any of that money. I'm just a 65 year old woman that they really did a number on me that I am not finaicaly ruined. I still have copies of all the Western Unions Money Grams and copies of these ceterficates I paid for email from these crooks. You would think that just one of these would have been honest. they keep calling me emailing me asking for more money for this or that and I keep getting emails from so call FBI treaging me telling me I'm a terriosts etc, etc. Ya right. I have the names of all these that I have sent all that mney to. The FBI should be after them not me. These crooks should be ashame of themselfs doing this to people. One of these days they will meet there maker. NMW

    - Noella M Walker USA 13/02/11

    I believe in Nigeria and the fact that things will workout for good,only if we forget that we are Igbos,Yorubas or Hausas,lets just work together even though it seems we are not together

    - victoria ukwa 01/02/11

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