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    - AMUSA RASAKI OLAYINKA Friday February 17, 2012 7:17:19

    I like the punch newspaper
    - Eze Augustine Nnanyelugo Thursday February 9, 2012 12:3:40
    I want to read new

    - Nnamani melitus Thursday February 9, 2012 7:55:10

    Nigeria is still d best it only d rulers dat are corrupt and *suck* .GOD ALMIGHTY HELP AND PROTECT US ALL . *AMEN*
    - awal adebayo 05/01/12
    plz i need u guys 2 refer me on d date wen Mr James Oremeji commented on market downturn. I qoute him, i knw i lost a lot of money in d market downturn, d capital mrk is remains a veritable source of profitability if it is well played. i tink it is in 0ctober, 2010 bt nt sure abt d date. am tinking it might b 28th bt just want 2b sure. thnk u
    - Stanley Ezeokoye 29/12/11
    Nigeria news paper is where the common man inform daily basis on what's going on in the country, pls let the workers such the medians use it in this xmas season and preach peace.
    - Bartholomew o 24/12/11
    ANTI-GAY BILL Dear Editor, Please permit me to reply PROF. SOYINKA on comments credited to him on Anti-gay bill published in your Sunday punch of December 18th, 2011. I beg to disagree with our Nobel Laureate on this issue. Let me recall that in the early 60ís, our Late sage Pa Obafemi Awolowo once advised Nigerians going abroad for green pastures that we would be exposed to both the BAD and the GOOD, but bring back the GOOD and leave the BAD behind. So, if we need legislatures to stop the importation of the BAD and ALIEN CULTURES, so be it. Furthermore, no where in the world citizens have absolute freedom to do what they like. Fundamental human rights in our country should not be used to bastardize our widely acceptable and enviable cultures. No one would know or cares with what you do secretly in your bedroom or in the four corners of your house, but once you go to a marriage registry, your action has become a public knowledge and therefore should become offensive to seek for Government approval for what is a taboo in our society. Perhaps, as pointed out by MR NNORMI AZUONYE on your same paper of same date, let those people who are homosexuals and lesbians come out openly and be counted, so we know the elites behind the sponsorship and supporters of the bill to pollute our cultural and religious values. Thank you. Mr. B.A. BAKARE 6, AKNWALE ST OGBA, IKEJA LAGOS.
    - MR. B.A. BAKARE 21/12/11
    Please I am a graduate,studied English language and done with NYSC.I need a job and I'm willing to work at the eastern,western or southern region of this country.can you tell me how to forward my cv?I am really interested in working with punch and you will enjoy having me work with you.please enlighten me on current job vacacies and job locations,I will be awaiting your reply,thanks.
    - linda 28/11/11
    Olayinka abdulrazaq.punch news paper is the one of the best among oders and mentain the standard.
    - Olayinka Abdulrazaq 20/10/11
    I most confess the present leadership in nigeria are not serious enough to pioneer the ship of this country.Most of them are are so selfish,selfishness and self centre.
    - Awal oredola Rafiu 29/09/11
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    - Oni david 22/09/11
    - robert thomas 17/09/11
    Subject: Abia Promise Land is in Doubt A non-governmental organization Abia Youth Watch Forum Lagos Congratulate the Governor of Abia state Chief T.A Orji for winning the PDP governorship primary election held on Monday 10th January 2011 being the party flag bearing for the upcoming governorship election in April 2011, most of the members of the said organization (Samuel Nwoko from Umuahia North LGA) (Ifeanyi Madukwe and Vivian Ikwuoma Njionye from Iskwuato LGA) Ndubuisi K. Uchegbu and Chikezie Mpamugo from Ikwuano LGA) (Iheanyi Emereuwa and Amaka Ibegbuam from Umuahia South LGA) (Chinwe Okereke and Goodluck Kanu from Arochukwu LGA) (Dominic Enyinnaya Nwichi from Isiala-nkwa north LGA) and many others who went home for the Xmas celebration that witness the PDP Governorship primary election also thank the governor for his maximum effort in killing the kidnapping kin-pin (osisikanku) in Ukwa-Nkwa, as there was no cases of kidnapping reported again during the Christmas celebration in Abia State. The Abia Youth Watch forum Lagos are pleading with the Governor for changes in his advisers role otherwise our getting to the promise land is in doubt at this second term, because it is over half a year now we left Egypt to the promise land yet there is no change in the state in terms of development and social activities, as the young state is still stagnate in the wilderness as if itís have reached its menopause in infrastructural development, but we believe that the reason is because the people that surrounded the Governor are not telling him the truth about true democracy, which is government of the people by the people for the people, it is very annoying that the chief protocol officer to the governor will not allow anybody with good ideas and suggestions to see the governor for a contribution to move the state forward to enable the poor masses in Abia feel good governance except on his personal selfish interest, the same thing is applicable to the personal assistant to Governors son's, which is not the proper thing in good governance, because united with stand and divided we fall. The coordinator of the AYWF Mr. Samuel Nwoko also stated that Abia State will be 20years this 2011 without any good things to show up in this first tenure of Chief T.A Orji compare to our neighbouring states like, IMO, ENUGU, ANAMBRA, EBONYI, not to talk of RIVERS, CROSS RIVER, AKWA-IBOM e.t.c, where we also have some PDP Governors, the state that is listed first alphabetically among all the states in Nigeria are now last in all ramifications, from instance the government house in Umuahia has always been the former Library Avenue primary school since the creation of the state in 1991 till date, no new structures has been commissioned in the state for the past four years unlike the above-mentioned states except personal buildings by the government officials, it is only in Abia state that contractors use cement, sand and water for the maintenance of roads which can only last for few weeks, there was no electricity light all through the Xmas period which force people that came back home from abroad and other states to move to hotels with their family so that they will enjoy light, as the residence in umuahia have adopted the use of touch light to move around in Umuahia township at night and early morning for their business due to the fact that they don't usually enjoy electricity light as the installed street lights are no longer working effectively, we are experience a lot of traffic within Umuahia metropolis now due to fact that motor parks are almost in every major roads in Umuahia, there was no social activities in the state during the Christmas, like other states of the federal that had their Christmas carnivals, praise jam shows to celebrate Jesus which bring entertaining lives of people, some of the big parastartaties in the Abia like the Health Management Board didnít receive their full salaries in December 2010 without no good reasons. We are advising the governor T. A Orji to look into these issues properly before the election date, because we are fully aware that it is not his personal fault rather it is the fault of the people working with Governor, as we have known him to be a good man that has the interest of the Abia citizens at heart when he was in civil service as the state Chief of Staff which led the crown given to him as Ochendo being his title name (the shelter of lives), otherwise the residence youths and aged people in Abia state and environ will rather stay at home in their various houses on the election day than to cast their votes to PDP governorship aspirant, if there is no changes over the development of the state, because there has being a lot of complains, murmuring is very gathering in Umuahia township, like barbing saloon, bear parlor's, hotels, market places and so on that they are not happy with the governance of Abia state, but it is a concern to us that are from the same community with the Governor, that is why we are praying for God's wisdom and direction to T.A Orji to pilot the affairs of the states with fear of God to enable the poor masses feel and enjoy his good governance at this second term, so that it will not be use as a arterial to judge young vibrant Ibeku Youths that will be interested in running for any political office in near future, long live Ochendo! Long Live Abia. From Samuel Nwoko Co-coordinator Abia-Youth Watch Forum Lagos.
    - Samuel Nwoko 17/01/11
    What is the fate Nigerians?, as its nation and citizens been threatened by these politically motivated anti_triba, crafty, suicide bombers so called Boko-Haram, who have been causing neusanse in the country under the disguise of figting for religious defence, with a cool look by federal government towards addresing it?. I think it's high time Mr president puts up the eagles eyes in in this matter because it has lingered for too long.
    - Timibofa Ayebanoah 15/09/11
    pls I will appreciate if u will always update me of the current job opportunities on ur creditable newspaper using my mail box. Thank u in anticipation.
    - sylvester okoro 13/01/11
    PROPHECIES FOR YEAR 2011 1. If within the next 5 years the leader of Divine Light Mission Ė Sat Guru Maharaji does not accept Christ and turn his followers to Christ, it will be terrible for him. 2. We should pray for one or two Army Generals of Sudden death 3. We should pray for some prominent P.D.P chieftains and some politicians in other parties as the wrath of God will; fall upon some if them. 4. We should pray for four traditional rulers in the country against death. 5. A better solution should be sought against flood in some parts of the country this year. 6. People should be warned against swimming in the ocean, as the ocean would be angry this year. 7. One or two Bank executives who have problem presently would be pardoned after thorough investigation, while some would be jailed. 8. We should pray for Zamfara. Kaduna, Kano and Pleatue State against religious disturbance. 9. A prominent Cult member will renounce his membership and accept Christ 10. There would be reduction in the activities of armed robbers. 11. Some prominent traditional rulers will accept Christ. 12. Some men of God who have been deceiving their members will receive the wrath of God. 13. There would be confusion at the House of Assembly as there would be accusations and counter accusations. 14. There would be showers of blessing this year. 15. The beginning of big revivals in many churches. 16. Things will improve in the financial circles as the naira will pick up against other currencies 17. President Jonathan Goodluck will still be the president of this country. 18. The Nigerian movies industries should stop promoting idolatry, sorcery and other vices before the wrath of God fall upon them. 19. People should not play with petrol and other inflammable things as five would be rampant this year. 20. It shall be well with those who get closer to God. FOREIGN SCENE  Volcanic eruption in some parts of the Eastern bloc.  Peace is still not yet visible in Cote Dí Voire, the present president will not last.  Mugabe should pray for good health to survive this year.  We should pray against conflict between Iran and Iraq.  Pray against flood in some parts of the world.  There would be a break through in the medical line as there would be solutions to some deadly diseases.  Many Criminals and terrorists would be exposed. THANKS AND GOD BLESS Pastor John OA Adedeji The Gospel of the Kingdom Of God ministries Aka (The Kingdom Light Gospel) Iju Ė Lagos.
    - The Kingdom Light Gospel Church 11/01/11
    My message to nig is this nigeria will let biafra the god,s children go but if they refuse any hausa man who enter that position must die like their brother and iam saying happy new year to people of biafra and i said that ojukwu will see the biafra land god will let fail nig leader to die one by one may lord jesus bless good luck jonathan for 2011
    - Paul biafra 31/12/10
    To: The Publisher A LUCRATIVE IDEA OF NEW INNOVATION ... From: Greatest Enterp ... Add to Contacts To: info@compassnewspaper.com I hereby write to get you informed of the unfailing gainful idea which has been in my memory for sometimes; if you which to make use of it. Many ideas that can lead to explosion in various field of life, have been dropped into my mind. However i shall reveal to you the very one that has to do with MEDIA BUSINESS at your desire. It is going to be in a meting with your management that this great idea will be handed-over to you in a typing form and, there shall I tell you the condition for which it will be given. Thank you in anticipation of a favorable response. Yours faithfully Micheal Balogun.
    - Michael Balogun 24/12/10
    bravo punch,i have so much believe and respect for your reporting.keep it up.
    - lnyangetuk,stephen samuel 04/12/10
    Every ambitious person going for any political office in the next election MUST make the FEAR of God his or her motto!
    - Pastor Olawore 01/12/10

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