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    nigeria will never brake down,i believe in our dreams.

    - kross Thursday May 10, 2012 9:2:8

    i love my country nigeria

    - ornorable essien Monday April 23, 2012 14:47:28


    - ZUBAIRU M AUYO Tuesday March 27, 2012 20:26:13

    I pray God protect Govn Rochas okorocha for his good.work in imo state,Abia state Govn theodor orji,God should help abians wake him up from sleeping in jesus name Amen

    - Hon prince Sunday March 25, 2012 13:15:39


    - bolanle Olu Friday February 17, 2012 11:21:7


    - JY KUYE Monday February 13, 2012 19:5:58

    Well,thisday newspaper is a very god newspaper ,but pls the management should stop givin award to thiefs and people dat are not contributing anytin to d progress of dis country.

    - emeka moreno osian 16/12/11

    Nasarawa State University Keffi NSUK, conducted their Master post examination to. There was a lot of turn out.

    - ocholi Momoh Okoh 10/09/11

    we nigerians should stop blaming the govt, but let us put all our effort.s to support the govt, for the betterment of our citizens

    - chukwudi 18/08/11

    I wish president yaradua is alive .dis is a good man wit d fear of God nd of course d people interest @ heart. a man of his words who ll nt say a thing nd does anoda or denies them so he can steal wit odas but gone too soon. may his soul rest in peace.pls pray 2 God 2 send a messiah come 2015.

    - Sunny 17/08/11

    I advice the President to do everything within his powers to avoid contoversial issues if he really wants to meet the yearnings of the Nigerian masses.

    - Eman Asuquo 01/08/11

    I stronmgly feel that what Nigerians need now is good governance where the people are principally the focus of attention. Efforts should be made to provide basic amenities like pipe borne water, good roads , reliable electricty suppy etc; instead of proposing tenure elongation.

    - Emmanuel Emile 28/07/11

    GOVERNORS DEMAND MORE ALLOCATION FROM THE FEDERAL FUND. The problem with Nigeria is the NIGERIA FACTOR which is the demon of DISTRIBUTIVE FEDERALISM instead of the normal international progress factor of CONTRIBUTIVE FEDERALISM. Contributive Federalism is based on how much tax money or other resource money a state contributed to the federal fund which determines what multiples of counterpart fund such a state gets from the centre. Distributive Federalism is based on how much demand a state makes on the federal fund based on inflated needs and inflated population or exaggerated backwardness and poverty in the state. The NIGERIAN FACTOR is reward for backwardness and falsehood. Proper thing to do is to get on to BASE THE NORMAL FEDERAL ALLOCATION ON COUNTERPART FUNDING. (Contingency SECONDARY occasional funding for population and backwardness should not be by right but by lobby.) Local Governments should be reviewed on the basis of tax and economic output into the center not on false claims of redundant population and such corrupt and unproductive indices. COUNTERPART FUNDING FEDERALISM IS THE ANTIDOTE TO NON-PRODUCTIVITY AND UNDERCUTTING basis. For instance if a state or LGA brings two million to the centre then it will be entitled to twenty million from the centre. THIS IS THE THERAPY TO THE NIGERIAN FACTOR. Venerable Dr I. U. Ibeme http://www.scribd.com/ifeogo

    - I. U. Ibeme 16/07/11

    The way u reported shows that u 're really a proffessional in journalism.we really appreciate ur hand work.pls.keep it up.

    - Dare Olahyde 26/05/11

    ThisDay newspapers, i like to disclose the darkness of banking sector in your country. The bank managing director and board and the lender agent confirmed and reconfirmed all times to me that there is no more payment of any kind after last final remittance. Once i paid they keep on dragging saying technical issue asking technican for help, bank financail controllers asking token to do transfer, bank md commit to me all times guarantee me that after this fund will reflect immediately in my account but all fakes. They drag till end of day and come back ask money again and again and suddenly unknown unit come out asking money. You see how corrupted and untransparent your banking sector. As banker trust and honor their words are important assest, they keep on revoking all guarantee from start. They like to keep asking token, all employees get salary from employers why your ugly nigerian keep asking token to do something for customers. All charges must be transparent before the transaction. Now I keep on paying non stop. They unreasonable hold my fund transfer with bad faith, with plot ganging with all units keep cheating people. The lender Favour lee also like to use god bless you and god name to swear that is final, agree and guarantee before your remit, once done change face in 1 minute and keep on saying in process please be pateient and confirmed over the phone again and again that there is no more charges of any kind. If there is, all of them liable. they drag till end of day then come back asking token again. Do you beleive a technican from bank dont know how to transfer and have to ask help from outside, this is bank charges because we pay for all charges in transaction, they say technicans said difficult job, they keep on charge me more than 3 times by doing same job, should the staff be sack? Then come to bank financial controller call me asking token, once pay fund in immediately but once paid money gone and keep coming back asking money. He passed away and new financial controller comes even ask more than the last one, why can a country run like this? Is time to change the govt cos got also asking token to do things for customers. This is corrupted culture and only happen in Nigeria. All business cost go up because of this and lots of undertable behind the scene with top managment back up becasue they share the token among themselves or make use of staff name keep asking. After bank md and board confirmed no more payt of any kind when process the transaction, the accountant asking token. I pay moe than 100 times. They dont feel shame and keep holding my fund. As MD of the company how can he revokes his promise to customer? President of Neigeria also one of the guarantee and he wash hand once I demand them to pay for all future payt of any kind after last remttiance. He checked with all untis confirmed no more and still they can revoke and keep asking money. They are come to me say is my expense and laws not allow, what nonsense are your laws, nobody go to honor their guarantee even president ,bankand lender give me guarantee letter and agree my terms and conditions, they can still revoke more than 3 times. I have the letters with me and i can show to public. Even the president lawyers barriest crew endorse still can revoke cos they are the one to make the law they can change the meaning all times. Chief editor my statement is very simple and reasonable "All of them confirmed to me no more payment of any kind afer this remittance, if there is all of them are wholly liable for all future payment of any kind". So how can they push to me and illegally hold my fund. They are greedy and nasty and keep threaten me if i dont pay all i paid from beginning will loss. They revoke in their guarantee letter if I find another new charges which is unacceptable, I can terminate the arrangement and they promise to refund all i send from beginning immediately plus compensation on breach of trust,misleading, misrepresentation, cheating. They dont honor their promises when i demand, they keep on holding. Favour Lee which claim he is reputable in your country and I cant do anything to them. Now I disclose the darkness of Favour Lee how they keep cheating people using god name. They keep on asking token and gang with all parties. Is it fair to innocent borrower. He keep on threaten me there is no use to put on u tube or media as it wont help but affect my creditability and they dare not i post to newspapers. So now I fulfill their wishes to have their names listed in your newspapers. I am sure you are justice and fair person as newspapers chief you must reveal the truth to public even president and influentical political party pressing you at the back. I get all prove with their email to me to show to the world how ugly nigeria business and govt sector and tell all investors withdraw investment in your country because yours can do this to low level people you can even do more and asking huge token from big customers. Please help me to fight this corrupted bankers. They are dishonest, cheating, betrayer of god always use "swear in front of god, god bless you" tell lie to god., misleading and misrepresentation. They are even worse than sea pirate thousand times becasuse after paid at least they keep their promises to release the ship back to owner. Yours never end. They always email me that is final and conlcude once paid fund immediately transfer but all times fail by coming back asking more than before. Next time they will ask for decode fee after accountant toking, then telecom company will ask token to do tt remittance and cleaner, security guard, typist can keep coming asking token. Why your country keep asking token to do business. This is one bad habit that can corrupted your country and all nigerians corrupted together so no corruption exist in your country.Favour Lee shit to me this is habit in your country which i dont believe so. You tell me frankly did you give or ask token from your client?Will you ask advertiser to pay token to your printer or staff give extra token to do the job?All of you get the salary why keep on asking token from outsiders. Then all of you will be millionaire. To show you part as prove, i show you their email to me as follow: CONFIRMATION HAVE BEEN MADE AS THERE IS NO MORE PAYMENT AFTER THIS $530 DOLLARS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED !!!‏ From: Mr Favour Lee (favour.lee.loan@gmail.com) Sent: 25 March 2011 22: 01PM After you have made this payment by 10am your time tomorrow then your fund will automatically hit your account number and we are also in agreement with your terms and condition in your mail to us... I will be awaiting your call after the payment....... Thanks and GodBless You. Mr Favour Lee Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 17:27:00 +0000 Subject: REFLECTION OF FUND IN YOUR ACOUNT NUMBER ON THE 26 OR 27TH OF THIS MONTH AFTER PAYMENT CONFIRMATION !!!! From: favour.lee.loan@gmail.com As per our conversation over the phone I want you to know that as soon as you have this payment which is the sum of $530 dollars then your fund will get into your account number and they have given me the assurance and guarantee that they will make your fund to REFLECT at onces after the confirmation the $530 dollars have been done. So with this prove, you can see how they revoke their promises and guarantee to me. I am open to fair all parties, now i also cc copy to favour lee so he aware that I am not be threaten by his blackmail and also to banking sector how they cheat customer. Now he is pressing me to pay what i ought not to pay if not hold my fund.

    - John 16/04/11

    All nigerians can see that Goodluck administration is a God sent to the people of this great country nigeria,look at what is happening to our politics of today,were the greats are now the greatest,while the greatest are now the greats,mr president has told us even before now that presidency is a do or die affairs,no interference in INEC,ELECTIONS and other things like that,and for all this reasons i beg all my fellow nigerians to vote for Goodluck & Sambo for a better nigeria come this 2011 presidential election. Thank you all

    - kenneth Amaechi ec 11/04/11

    its realy informative, i have been looking forward to this first hand news all around nigeri and the world

    - Adeolu Adetunji 18/03/11

    I really need for someone to take a critical look and raise dust on the incessant crisis in Jos, Plateau State. The continuous mayhem in Jos is a small wound that will transform into a disaster that will shake and tear up the very foundation of this great country and can likewise create a deadly virus of hatred, uncertainty, disunity and distrust that will certainly if not already envelope the very young ones. Nigerians need to address this problem quickly. The silent killings are scarier than the open ones. When you walk on the streets of Jos, there is hell no way one will not observe the way and manner people look at each other. They seem to be trying to figure out which religion you belong to or what tribe. And once it is found out that you are from the opposite religion, jeezzzzz..., if looks could kill!! It's utterly crazy. HELP!!! We need to nip in the bud this hatred and move the country forward in all directions

    - Olatri 24/02/11

    my message to my fellow Nigerians that we shall surely get to the promise land of God almighty , i stongly believe that and let that be our faith.God love this country

    - francisofangba 17/10/10

    Nollywood Now! film festival launches in London, 6-12 October 2010 Deptford Town Hall, New Cross Road, London SE14 6AF. Tickets sales are now open at www.nollywoodnow.co.uk for the UK’s first ever festival of Nigerian film, known as Nollywood. The festival, a week-long celebration of the world’s second largest film industry, will feature six film screenings introduced by talks from industry experts including Nigerian actors, film academics and representatives from Nollywood TV broadcasting.

    - funke Obisanya 04/10/10

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