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    please I would like to politely enquire from the RSSDA if the undergraduate examination result is out, then if yes send the list of people who past the 2011/2012 exam. perharps can also read out in the television. thanks very much for your audience

    - Nelson 12/04/11

    if our lectures in UST don't want to teach please let them retire 4 the ready ones to come and take there place

    - folusho 02/02/11

    I want to let the public know about the criminals that were given the 2010 CARNIRIV some of them incharge of the 5 newly added bands are wicked and heartless especially one Mr. Joe of Dynamic Band who after the carnival ran away with the money meant for the performers i was a part of it i know all the stress of i went through going for rehearsals every saturday and in between the week days at the end of it no gain information came that he called some persons who when we investigated turned out to be the touts i guess he was scared they would trace him and deal with him but what about us, we that are not violent what about us that did it with open minded how can he run away with peoples sweat may God have mercy

    - TERRY 25/01/11

    Ur Gov,pls when will other banks pay rivers state student there bursy 4 last year 2010/2011, reply bk 2 me on 08032193452 Rev 2b Paul University, Awka ,Anambra State.

    - Ord Ibimina J.Harry 20/01/11

    I cant wait . to see the 2011 RSSDA form start coz I will want .to Study . under the sponsorship of my beloved State . As it is said that .... U gain 4rom ur Fathers Land .... So I want to post every step still Travelling Abroad 4 study

    - Nwankwo Prince 19/01/11

    when is the Rivers state sustainable scholership form will be out for undergraduate in this year 2011

    - Health kolofah 17/01/11

    plsss rivers state govt... I've written d rsddang exam thrice n d previous exam i scored above my neighbour n now she's in london.. Pls stop frustratn me.. HON ROTIMI AMAECHI.. PLS REMEMBER US... THX

    - Cindy AJUMOKE 16/01/11

    pls i want 2 know when d rssda scolarship application is starting,cos i dont want 2 have the tought that i obliviously missed out on this year's exam,pls i need an ansa as soon as possible

    - chikajunior 15/01/11

    Pls learn 2 reply massages/requests .employ manpower,upgrade ur brains, do ur thing! That's cyber 4 u

    - Eh yo 24/12/10

    Hi Dear, Kindly send me your technical details and rate for placing adverts in your Newspaper. Best, tkareem

    - tkareem 07/10/10

    Pls can we be made to understand the true position of computer engineering dept as well as other unaccredited depts in RSUST?

    - SAM 02/10/10

    PLS SIR,i want 2 know when application for 2011 rssda scholarship starts b/cus i missed dat of dis year nd i was VERY angry PLS i don't want 2 miss out.THANKS

    - miracle 02/10/10


    - OLABISI 19/09/10

    Sir, I want to find out when will the next RSSDA application be? thanks.

    - Tamunokuro Okpokiri 30/08/10

    Am really upset about the way this country is going.my score for this rssda exam is 26 but someone scored 23 and was called for the oral interview.the most annoying part of it is that someone in that position asked my dad to pay 20 thousand naira for my name to flash for the orals.due to the religious belief my dad has,he refused to pay.he said GOD should have his way.well to me,writing that exams again is more like a waste of time.i only pray that GOD should help me and see me through.i pray that GOD bless our leaders and RIVERS STATE

    - Dike precious 08/07/10

    Hello Sir, I am Uchibeke Ugobame a Rivers citizen. I have a very important information about the Rivers State Sustaineble development agency (RSSDA) and the overseas scholarship that affects Rivers state in general and YOU in particular. Please read on……….. There a problem with the Rivers State overseas Scholarship conducted(selection of candidiates still ongoing) by the RSSDA for the 2010/2011 section that I would like you to know about. It affects us all as a State and as individuals. This is because the kind of people that are sent abroad to study would certainly be those who would return and manage the State. I observed that The 2010/2011 RSSDA scholarship processes were not transparent and fair. This is because despite the fact that almost all universities around the world accept the Nigerian NECO SSCE result/certificate and even our NABTEB (National Business and Technical examination board) NTC/NBC certificate; the RSSDA refused to interview and therefore disqualified all the candidates who had just NECO and/or NABTEB. Out of upwards of fifteen thousand candidates that wrote the test, those disqualified are among the five hundred and seventy five candidates shortlisted for the oral interview. They were disqualified when they came for the interview. The NECO and NABTEB are our own National exams and if we don’t value it, then, nobody would and its value would continue to depreciate. Many of us who passed the exams have been disqualified because of the NECO result issue. This would give the RSSDA opportunity to be fraudulent by replacing those disqualified with people that could not even pass the exams and sometimes with non Rivers State students. This issue has destabilized many candidates who were not interviewed. The sad thing is that they have all the necessary documents and even excellent O’level result but they were disqualified because they had the Nigerian NECO and/or NABTEB which is accepted internationally. Why then, were they disqualified? Is it that getting admission internationally with NECO/NABTEB is more challenging than getting with WAEC, and therefore the contractors do not want much stress? No matter what the answer is the fact is that NECO and/or NABTEB ARE ACCEPTED INTERNATIONALLY. We can’t just sit and watch things go wrong in our beloved state, please lets join hands and ACT NOW. You can do a lot to stop this mess. The right has to be done and therefore, Let the RSSDA be called to order and the those that were not interviewed because they had NECO/NABTEB without WAEC be interviewed so that we can say that the selection process was without bias. please help me and other candidates by making my compliant public. This will go a long way in improving the human capital development in the state. Thanks and May God give you more Light, Life and Love.

    - Uchibeke Ugobame 01/05/10

    Pls tell the UBA bank to improve in thier services to constomers in rivers state

    - ibrahim 13/03/10

    When will rivers state govt. recruit those that did volunteer primary school for more than 2 yrs. without payment, pls. governor Amaechi should consider them they are indeed patrotic citizens.

    - Sunny 12/01/10

    May i know from the Riverstate scholarship board what is still holding our undergraduate scholarship entiltlements?

    - williams amadi 30/11/09

    What is the rationale behind the Rivers State Government's decision to displace residents of waterfronts in Port Harcourt by demolishing the buildings without first relocate them to another place?

    - Ukari C.Obene 10/10/09

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