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    Please how do I contact the advert department of vanguard newspaper?

    - Anthony Esadjere Wednesday February 15, 2012 19:12:43

    please i need vanguard of october 1 2009 "court declines to order alieri's probe over alleged #10,2bn fraud". I also need the issue of june 9 2009 "fear of efcc,icpc". Please it's urgent... Thank you.

    - jeremiah Wednesday February 15, 2012 5:53:19

    vanguard is my favourite newspaper because it started in my year

    - lady D 03:23:57 11/10/11

    13 of dis month is d burial of late mrs patricia onxuegbuzie nee ogude of aniocha south local government area ogwash uku delat state

    - Joseph 22:12:28 06/10/11

    pls can i get Vanguard Newspaper of 23rd April,2007. How do i channel my request?Thank you for your response.

    - Abiodun Sadiq 06:52:28 29/09/11

    The suspension of Ayo Isa Salami as PCA is a slap on the entire body of the judiciary,the Bench and the Bar.The fate of those with electoral petitions is in a limbo.

    - Adeke Terhemba 02:38:14 10/09/11

    Government should declair state of emergency in jos to avoid more slaughtering and lost of citizens lives,and fitch out does criminals who are parading themselves to be religous fighter,and be coursing sabotage in the country

    - Odien otega fr warri 07:16:05 04/09/11

    I really want 2 recomend and appreciate vanguard newspaper 4 their wonderful publication.

    - Imoh Okon Umofia 16:10:02 03/07/11

    Ojo lucky irekheafe - 15:32:54 08/05/11: The turnout of Nigerians in the recent concluded election was exciting,for nigerians voting on individual credibility not on party basis.imagine how would the next election look like?

    - Ojo lucky irekheafe 15:32:54 08/05/11

    my brother lets take Nigeria to a higher height. those greedy politicians will all be but to shame this year. Nigeria is going up and up forward.united is 236 yrs and we are just 51yrs so we are improving.

    - paul onowakpor 06:50:26 22/04/1

    yo papers are 2 special 2 b ignored

    - D E Omokaro 04:48:33 18/04/11

    A credible leader is he who has the desire for his people's welfare and a man with shared vision like President Goodluck E.A. Jonathan.Goodluck Mr.President, goodluck Nigerians as we are transceding to a better economy.

    - Maton julius 05:46:46 13/04/11

    I want to know much to publish change of name and requirements thks

    - digbopho friday 03:36:08 07/04/11

    letter to editor. dear president Goodluck jonathan and president obama, am uba emmanueldate of birth-27th august 1984.am from Nigeria.i had degree in Nigeria.i had applied for job at mobil Nig plc but was discriminated for no reason.am qualified but was turned down.i want you to intervene and appeal on this matter.this is injustice on me.i have written several times.i await reply.uba

    - uba emmanuel 04:51:58 06/04/11

    motunrayuo - 07:11:30 21/03/11: why is it that some are enjoing some are suffering

    - motunrayuo 07:11:30 21/03/11

    There is trouble in abia state a man was killed by knowing gun-man,the story dress between t.a orji and emenike yesterday.

    - agada 00:23:17 22/02/11

    A Nation at the Mercy of Goodluck (1) Karl Marx, long before Nigeria rolled forth, spoke pathetically of it thus: ‘‘A moribund system creates its own grave diggers.’’ Today, Nigeria is baling hopelessly for something that is manifestly absurd – security! The people seemed sandwiched between a political contraption that is cast in the image of fraud and that of a wish for Good or Betterluck. I had advised at the enthronement of Jonathan’s presidency that he should see through the binocular of security in Nigeria and its malfeasance, but it fell on deaf ears, then roll away like the sleet striking the smooth bark of a beech tree!! Now insecurity reigns like bees around a cider mill and President Jonathan is not taking any decisive action against the crisis that threatened to tear up the political map of African most populous nation. The mighty and the no so mighty have become victims of religious bigots and politically motivated killings in the northern part of Nigeria, as well as the southern part, that has been squabbling under the bondage of violent militancy. There is no doubt that Nigerians have resigned to fate since the uninspiring and clueless Goodluck Jonathan was trusted on Nigeria by ungainly floppy of fate. It further confirms Nigerians assertion that, though Nigeria is greatly endowed, nothing good is likely going to come her way in the foreseeable future. It is tersely bereaved of ideological direction and has of course, remains luckless, in spite of her endowments and given hopefulness. Nigerians should be ready to leave with corruption and other social vices as long as the cruelest enemy of civilized governance – the PDP – holds the axe in Aso Rock. Jonathan from all indications represents all that has set us at edge – a nation heavily weighed down by tunnel-vision leadership – plaguing the sleeping giant since we gained flag Independence. Being president at a time the most populous country on the African Continent is groping in the wilderness of indiscipline and corruption and insecurity is indeed painful and depressing. By virtue of being an accidental hero should have imbued Jonathan with some sense of duty and firmness that he lacks through and through. The insidious malaise that comes with Obasanjo’s presidency is far more entrenched now than it was at the dawn of the fourth republic. This largely might not be solely attributed to Jonathan in entirety, but part of the carry over of his unpreparedness, as he allegedly admitted to Wikileaks, the whistle blowing non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public around the world that ‘‘he was ill-prepared for the job of presidency.’’ Let me be clear. It is evidence that Jonathan learnt some tricks about censored injustices and manacled brute from Obasanjo, one of the most hated Nigerian ex-president. He has ruined the Amnesty Program that his predecessor, the late President Yar’Adua laboured to build with time, money and efforts. This is a negative narration of not just an oil derivation proponent and a deceptive wearer of Niger Delta cap, but the first president ever to have come from the core south of the Delta. His manifold failure as manager of men and power, which he got without sweat, coupled with the lack of focus on the part of the behemoth called PDP infringes incremental damage on the already rebuked inept presidency that is more of a trendy than government. PDP obviously has runs aground a promising and prosperous nation with the spirit of Afghanistanism; regardless of what the people feel or think about its distending approaches to the plight of the mass of the people. Jonathan has far more entrench the culture of fascism in a supposedly democratic space in the face of seemingly weak security apparati that is largely a collection of ciphers. The killing field of Jos Plateau and other major cities ought to have attracted the attention of Jonathan. But it didn’t. As Jos boils over, Jonathan buckles under security lapses, more so that he is clueless about narrowing the precariousness of security anxiety. This was evidently demonstrated by the arrest and detention of Prof. Okey Ndibe, a columnist with The Sun newspaper and Sahara Reports, the fire brand on-line news website by the operatives of Nigeria State Security Service SSS, on his arrival to Nigeria at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos. His offence: he has been criticizing the three failed PDP successive governments in firm and forthright voice. The arrest and detention of Okey Ndibe by the presidency is to sidetrack attention from the real issue of security and other vices that afflict our wobbling nation. With this, Jonathan has proved himself as a tyrant in another guise. It is difficult not to classified President Jonathan as a wide goose reminder. It is indeed baffling that our country has been held hostage in the last few months by violence minded individuals and rather than the government to give a clear signal through pronouncements backed up with actions to indicate that they value the life and security of the entity, we have a president who takes delight in chasing shadows. Jonathan’s inefficiency and security drift and failure of governmental policy in the direction of securing life and property of citizens is an easy example of what is to be expected in the forth coming general election. His inability to proffer solution to the debilitating vice of security will, in the very main, ruin the stability of Nigeria and submerge the country into a vortex of violence that will bring back the ex- president Obasanjo’s era of repression – do-or-die politics. Of course, Jonathan is buoyed by the obstinacy with which President Obasanjo tyrannized the free people of Nigeria, who were callously eliminated in a mindless protection of self-perpetuation in office. Nigerians must be aroused to prevent the rise of another deficient president who toys with the welfare of the masses. Unless we erect a bulwark of resistance against oppressive regime as Jonathan’s, we are in for another round of dictatorial outing that serves the interest of a collective few. It might take us a great deal of efforts to liquidate as a durable police state that it has been to heal from self-induced crisis of insecurity. The birthing of the nation’s security apparatus has been on faulting ground since Jonathan assumes office on May 6, 2010. This perhaps might be adduced to the nature of his ascendancy in which the nation’s security outfit was reduced to personal effect of the ex- First Lady, Mrs. Turai Yar’ Adua at the expense of the survival of Nigeria nation. He may have made substantial changes here and there by sacking all the heads of Security Chiefs he inherited and transferring others, it is not clear that the security is not being infiltrated by yet unidentified personage. It’s disheartening that President Jonathan is unable wade off violence that registered at his door step – the heightened terror of bombing – in his home state of Bayelsa that prevented him from attending the official opening of the Law School and the Judicial Complex in Yenagoa as planned. That was a day after bomb blast rocked a political rally in the Opolo area of Bayelsa, the state capital. He had cancelled his appearance at the occasion on account of security reasons. The president’s spontaneous moves to assuage security concern and political killings fell flat to the ingenious streak of bombers. This led to the appointments of General Theophilus Danjuma. which take immediate effect, come on the heels of some concern in the country that Mr. Jonathan runs a lavish, open-ended government. Only a few days ago, the Presidential Advisory Committee headed by General Theophilus Danjuma said Jonathan’s government was too big. Come to think of it: can a nation in the throes of security hold up sally forth for another bedeviled by similar experience? ‘‘Nigeria’s internal crisis will make it a daunting, if not impossible, task to deploy ECOWA troops in Cote D’Ivoire,’’ said an EU source, adding that Nigeria military was involved in the crime fighting and internal peace keeping operations in as many as 21 of Nigeria’s 36 states. Members of the security forces have also been implicated in serious abuses. In November 2008, Human Rights Watch documented 133 cases of unlawful killings by the federal police and army sent to Jos to quell the sectarian violence. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that, on January 10, 2011, at least one soldier was seen participating in the attack on Wareng village, which left 15 Christians dead. This has been collaborated by five soldiers who reported arrested last month the military authorities on suspicion of complicity in the attack that took place in Kuru-Tash village in Riyom Local Government Area of the state, which left 13 people dead. The identity card of a soldier was reportedly found at the scene of the attack. Military spokesman Capt. Charles Ekocha, said, ‘‘they shall be court-martialed for laxity if they are found truly culpable.’’ On two separate occasions, a few weeks ago, protesting women took over the street of Jos, clad in black attires, calling for the withdrawal of the military Special Task Force set up by the federal government for the maintenance of peace in the troubled North-Central state. It is doubtful that Jonathan has learnt a lesson or two from the forgoing, beyond the rhetoric preachment on his presidential campaign trail across the country that security and economy reform shall be his watchwords if voted in April general election. Even then, he is still lofty about his tangential failure and disdainful acts military involvement of Jos killings. It is up to Nigerians to continue to predicate the development of their country on the bases of Luck or have a president that will truly change the fortune of the country by dint of sheered commitment to governmental policy in the next four years.
    Otto Drama Writes from Ohio State University ottodrama@yahoo.com

    - Otto Drama 07:24:45 08/02/11

    It is time for the ibos to stand and fight back, and stop threatening mass exodus. Let us teach the entire world that we can equally produce people that are capable to repel any threat, no matter what.

    - don 00:26:55 05/02/11

    please i need the complete vanguard of tuesday 28th December 2010. Thank u & God bless u.

    - pastor olafare olalekan 18:20:27 05/01/11

    TO VANGUARD NEWSPAPERS: Based on your GOOD WORKS for the people of Nigeria. NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES (NPD) originated with wants to collaborate with your news paper on the NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES. This would make you the official NPD newspaper. The Chairman of the executive committee, UGO IWUOHA is presently in Nigerian to meet with the Presidential candidates and aspirants. You can contact him on 07066048435 or email mmu@netzero.com. Visit the NPD websites on www.nigerianpresidentialdebates.com for more info. You are the first newspaper to be contacted, so contact him ASAP, OR send him a phone # or email address to contact you. We indeed commend you for your GOOD WORKS for the people of Nigeria. On the Primary debates issue, beginning with PDP, we meet with the National Chairman and proposed a Debate between their P/Aspirants on the REAL ISSUES, instead of the zoning and non-zoning issue which seems to be all the electorates have been hearing from them. We are waiting for their response. PLEASE GET INVOLVED, IT’S A NEW ERA IN NIGERIAN POLITICS.

    - Nigerian Presidential Debates 08:29:33 01/01/11

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