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Nigerian tribune is said to have been established in November, 1949 by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

It is among the oldest and one of the most reputable, private Nigerian newspapers covering information on agriculture, arts, banking, business, economy, education, energy, oil, entertainment, sports, religion, politics and a host of other relevant issues.

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I really enjoy your service in these various applicable affairs; politics,economy,entertainmnt,enlightment etc. Even by being a watchdog for the general populace and voice for the voiceless right 4rm inceptn.ur msgs are quite constant and consistent. Kudos to the initiators. U rate da best! - Olatuja Adegbenro Sunday Friday March 23, 2012 16:49:21
I am now appealing to all nigerians that we should learn lesson from sir ahmadu bello sadauna,tabawa balewa obafemi awolowo,nmandi azikwe,mallam aminu kano,samuel ladipo akintola so that our country would be developed in respective of sentiment persfective - Abdu saidu Wednesday February 29, 2012 15:45:32
I realy apriciate ur work but try 2 monitor ur balance u ar mentainy - Olatunji Abiola Monday February 13, 2012 8:58:58
I just want to congratulate you for keeping the entire nation awake ,keep it up. - WENDEH .T. Saturday February 11, 2012 20:10:58
I am one of your wiedly reader keep it up. - Akinwalehinmi tosin 04:02:13 20/10/11
I just want 2 appreciate u 4 ur real news dat u are givin us,god will continue 2 help u - Abass 13:24:41 17/10/11
I like ur news,pls send news flash 2 my facebook. - akeem ramon 00:27:24 12/09/11
I just want to appreciate the good works of the African No.1 Newspaper NIGERIAN TRIBUNE You are doing well. I pray that God continue enriching you with wisdom and foresight. So, Keep it up and remains African No. 1 Newspaper of the century. - Kayode Sajuyigbe 21:18:19 05/09/11
Your news are real and i will be glad if u can be dropping daily news in my email box. Thanks - Ogunsanya bukola 04:42:46 23/06/11
l wat to cogratulate u for given us a good news. - Dele Emmanuel 06:29:27 17/06/11
allahmdulillahi we can froud wiht our country nigeria if were we are so we can give advance about any thin in nigeria insha Allah - muhammadsani 01:16:15 12/05/11
Nigeria Tribune's been doing fine feeding me with latest in our economy. In fact, I have become addicted to it that if i don't read its daily publication either in hard copy or on line then something has mixed in my life for that day. WELL DONE TRIBUNE. - Ukwadinamor James ugo 04:48:26 14/04/11
If not because of Nigeria Tribune newspaper,we would have turned to the deaf in terms of current news in politics,Education,Sports,Entertainment,business and so on. Nigeria tribune, you are too much.thank you ooooo..... - Fadugba Rasheed 01:16:20 08/04/11
In al fairness! U pple are doing wonderfully wel-interms of publication ETHICS. - RAYMON DANIEL 12:47:53 07/04/11
This very news paper gives all it takes to be informed to its eeaders, keep it up.Thanks. - Adefila Adekunle 04:18:48 06/04/11
when personal interest gives way to the interest of the people,there would be a change. but for now the hope is bleak especially in Nigeria. - ALIU OLALEKAN ADEWALE 03:24:49 20/03/11
BBK CALLS FOR TRANQUILITY IN THE POLITYBarrister Kazim Badmus admonished all stakeholders in modern nigeria to eschew violence and rather encourage peace in their ways.While conducting special prayers to this effect on the 1st day of 2011,leaders of the 3 main faiths prayed that the spate of violence be abated and harmony be promoted among the people - Babaoba 20:58:51 02/01/11
when would nigerian be mature enough to settle issuse amicably and live together in harmony,come this 2011 election let there be peace not a nation fallen apart. - Alaba Bolaji 19:40:03 29/12/10
These ground breaking books about US history, sociology and public policy are necessary for all Nigerians - students, legislatures, government officials, businesses, etc - who need to know or do business with America. Buy the two volume books from Heartlandbooks.org - Prof Amaechi Okolo 12/12/10
i need online time table for conduction of 2011 election in nigeria - dayo onisile 09:20:26 24/11/10
Nigeria tribune i will never for get you. - Afosco 06:14:52 11/11/10
Nigeria govt.shud look into d security of dis nation.Kidnapers are everywhere,most esp ABA Abia State. - Ede Magnus 10:06:37 09/10/10

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