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Posted by George on Thursday May 12, 2011 13:43:24:

With the way the weather is rapidly changing in Lagos and in an almost unpredictable manner, I am beginning to think that climate change is already affecting us. Call it the effects of global warming or whatever but it seems that the weather is dancing.
When it is sunny, the sun's heat is just a little too much in Lagos and I wonder how it is in the north. When it is cold, it seems to be rather cold and when it rains, it pours, if I might borrow a line from 50 cent.
Can we live in a world with increased Global warming? I'm guessing if this continues there might be more desertification and increasing food shortage - call it world hunger or something like that, but it may no allow peace to reign in the world.
What are the things we can do to slow down or even reverse global warming? Well one thing is by first of all preserving the already existing trees we have and planting more trees. The more trees we are able to grow in our world, the more there will be oxygen in the earth, the more man will live a healthier life and the better the ozone layer would protect our ecosystem.
Climate change is affecting not just Nigeria but all countries across the world but it seems that richer and more technologically advanced nations are better prepared for this than poor or weaker ones. Rich people also seem to be more educated abut climate change than poor people and I'm wondering why the imbalance. I think every circumstance provides an opportunity for everyone to make profit from it. For instance, with increase global warming, nations investing in agriculture can stand to sustain their economy than nations like Nigeria focused only on crude oil exports.
If our nation and other nations in Africa could preserve our farmlands and grow new ones, we will be able to save generations of people from poverty and improve our economic strength for centuries to come.
One thing we should also look into is the issue of land grab of Africa by developing nations like China as these little concessions that we now get may be nothing compared to the poverty and backwardness our future generation will have to suffer.


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