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Posted by Samuel Oladugba on Saturday July 21, 2012 13:30:14:

We the Engineering students of this institution have vowed to ensure that the entire residents of Federal Capital Territory would witness serious crisis due to the fact that we have been unjustly treated by the administration of a so called professor. Now from tomorrow (3-5-2012) we are going to work out modalities to ensure that lectures in all the departments within the institution will stop since we paid the same school fees that other students paid and we are asked to go home for six months to see if the departments within the Faculty of Engineering and others concerned would be accredited. The bad administration of the so called professor Adelabu has destroyed this university because of lack of Studentsí Union Government. What affects one student should affect another, hence the need for all the students to come together and fight this bad leadership. Today, it is Engineering, Medicine, Vetinary Medicine students who are on the hot seat, but tomorrow, other students from other departments may also experience the same thing. However, we have decided to take our destiny into our own hands by fighting our fight. It is a well-known fact that if you are not for us, certainly you will be against us. We expect all the students in this university to vacate the two campuses of the university because we are not going to see any student outside the suspended faculties as a friend. Our case, the Engineering students are worse since the bad administrator has said he wants to further reduce the four departments in the Faculty of Engineering to two. The issue is, what will be the fate of those in 300 level and above?


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