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Posted by Asa on Saturday May 14, 2011 14:40:36:

How do you dress for an interview when you are hunting for a job? How you dress could help influence the outcome of you job interview. First impression says a lot and can help give you an edge even without words, when you meet the interviewing team.
Dressing well and properly would depend on the occasion that is involved and so when it comes to a job interview, you need to be properly dressed to suit the type of industry you are hoping to work for.
Here are a few tips to dressing properly for your interview:

- Suit up: Especially if it's in a very formal industry like banking, accounting or law else tone down if it's something like engineering but look smart and neat. A singled or two coloured shirt and black trousers will do. Don't go multi-coloured
- Use a roll on and wear a singlet so you don't have to break a sweat on your shirt.
- Take a decent haircut or make your hair about 3 days to the D-day
- Use a perfume but only lightly
- Tuck in your shirt: Even if you are not expected to be so formal
- Wear a smile. It helps
- Have a manicure and keep a pen on your shirt or close by.
- Take a light briefcase or folder to look well documented
- Don' try to dress so daring
- Don't dress to seduce your employers
- Don't forget to shave your beard if you are a guy and do a little bit of make-up

If you are well dressed for an interview, you might already have like a 30% pass mark when you make the first appearance at the office. The rest will depend on how much stuff you have in your head.

Re: How to dress well for an interview Reply by Godfred Famous on Saturday February 18, 2012 at 10:40:42:

Good writing keep it up

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