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Posted by on Friday May 17, 2013 16:41:0:

Wonders shall never end and you have to agree that juju men are still at work in Naija. The latest case is called the Nasarawa massacre.

Yes, it all happened in Nasarawa a few days ago as members of the Nigerian police force and some other armed personnel were on a high level mission to get rid of Ombatse cultist who were known to possess spiritual powers. Unluckily for the Naija policemen, even though they came with enough powers to even scare terrorists, it seemed they practically walked into a trap that saw hell rain on the lot of them as over 100 policemen died in the slaughter.

The cultist were said to have ambushed the policemen with just cutlasses and their juju power. Several high ranking policemen were even killed and even the few policemen that survived came back with stories that they were spiritual forces at work.

How else would one explain a scenario in which over 100 fully armed armed personnel were defeated by cutlass carrying men? I guess it had to do with some evil forces at work. Perhaps the victims were blinded and attacked or the cultist were just disappearing and appearing to attack to policemen who kept of falling one after the other.

This is the worst single massacre we've seen so far against Nigeria's military force for some time now and it is not even Boko Haram that is in the picture. Boko haram still have their grievances against the Nigerian police but these new guys are making Nigerians scared of the future.

If our Naija policemen are no longer safe, who then is safe? Is it time to go to Ghana or South Africa? Anyway, thank God Jonathan has already declared a state of emergency in some of those states.


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