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Posted by on Tuesday June 7, 2011 9:12:29:

The internet is already making waves in Nigeria as everyone practically need to use it at one time or other. Whether it is for school students who need to register for exams, undergraduates who need to find more information about their studies and assignment, for prospective undergraduates preparing and registering for UTME and GCE, the graduate who is job hunting and making applications, the bored house-wive who needs to keep up with the latest gossips and entertainment, pensioners seeking to get registered or updated about their benefits, news readers who want to read free news from newspapers websites in Nigerian and others.
There are just so many reasons why the internet is becoming more of an addiction to people in Nigeria and it just doesn't stop there. Businesses and professionals with skills are now taking their work to the internet as they see it as a very viable means of maximizing their income by reaching out to more people irrespective of their location. The internet exists virtually everywhere in Nigeria where there is mobile communication. Thanks to the gsm firms, people now have access to the web even from their mobiles and as more and more people get online, there is equally a growing crop of people who are beginning to see that they can also make money from the internet.

If you are thinking of an easy way to make money in Nigeria right now, the internet would be it as it has the potential of bringing your recurring income even while you are sleeping.
Businesses are beginning to see the need to get on the web by getting corporate websites of their businesses and including their contacts in order to get more orders and patronage from clients. If you or your business does not exist on the internet, you would be missing a lot as it has become more of a fashion trend right now in Nigeria as people are now used to searching for services and business listings before making a decision to buy.
Think of it, couples who are busy making a good income but seeking to invest in real estate or an accomodation would first Google for it and when theyr do find real estate listings from Nigerian real estate websites, they would find it easier to view through portfolios and make a decision. Also there is a growing trend for mobile phone shoppers to search for prices of phones before making a decision to buy a phone or not. If you have a website where you display your mobile phones for sale and at prices, it would be easier to get more buyers since they would have already made a decision before coming to your store.

What I am saying is that, if you want to make money from the internet in Nigeria, you need to set up a web presence like a website or have at least a listing in a classified ads website, include your contacts and products and you would have buyers flocking to your store or even buying by prepaying online for your items.

How do you make money from the internet in Nigeria?
- First have a web presence in form of a website or classified advert
- Have a product or service that you can offer
- Have a means of getting paid

Other ways you can make money from the internet in Nigeria:
- Affiliate marketing
- Article writing
- Web designing
- Web publishing with PPC and CPM programmes
- Direct selling
- Receiving Donations

Re: How to make money from the internet in Nigeria Posted by yusuff on Thursday January 26, 2012 at 15:5:26:

i won't to make money.

Re: How to make money from the internet in Nigeria Reply by lawal on Thursday April 26, 2012 at 23:30:32:

This is lovely but how can u make money 2ru Article writing on internet

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