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Posted by Lawrence on Sunday June 19, 2011 13:6:52:

It all begins from school, college, university, church, mosque, public places, internet e.t.c. You should groom yourself and surround yourself with people who are go-getters. You should not be afraid of hardworkd but you should try to be serious in every thing that you do. You should have a focus even while you are in the universtiy of what you want to do after school and you should have gotten a job offer even before leaving shool..

You should also have another job offer before leaving your first job and this will help boost your cv without wasting any idle time. How to get a job in Nigeria is a question many graduates or undergraduates would like to know. First of all, you should have a focus of where you want to work or what you want to work as. Do you want to be an Accountant, then study accounting. Did you want to do Engineering, then you should have studied engineerin. Did you just want to be an Entrepreneur, then you should make friends. Get to know the internet and become accustomed to reading newspapers where vacancies are placed. There are about a 100,000 job vacancies placed on the pages ot the dailies everyday and on company websites. Not all companies are interested in publishing their vacancies on newspapers, but they do so on their websites.

To get a job in Nigeria, you should follow the following steps:
1. Compile you CV in both hardcopy and Softcopy.
2. Learn about your career and the category of companies you want to work in.
3. Be informed. Read newspapers and have a catalogue of the company websites.
4. Submit your CV online. This is the best and most reliable application method.
5. Get invited for the aptitude test and do well. It requires logical thinking and you need energy for this. Drinking some tea or a can of Red Bull can help you.
6. You've passed. Then prepare for the interview. You really need to revise what you did at school here.
7. After the interview, your career has started and you are employed.
8. Once you have a job, try to stay there for at least a year before loking for another job. This would boost your CV..

Some questions job seekers ask:

I've been trying to get a job but only small companies call?
You could start with a small company as long as they are related to you career. Even if it's a small accounting firm and they have growth prospects and deall with bigger companies. From there you could move in to bigger ones.

I am still in school. How do i secure my dream job?
You can still submit you CV online to many career sites and you'd be helped to secure a job by the time you are through with school

How do i submit my CV online?
Go to company websites online and you'd see that most of them recruit aplicants by this means. They allow people to post their resume ad then when they need staff, they select from that pool of applicants


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