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Posted by Obinna on Tuesday August 16, 2011 15:6:17:

How do you toast a girl in Igbo language? Perhaps you may not know Igbo or you do and just want to impress the girl since you've done your investigation right and found out that she is probably and Igbo chic. Perhaps speaking Igbo to her can help give a plus to your toasting efforts. Toasting or trying to woo a female is something men naturally do and are good at it. If done well, it may help giving a boost to your male ego. If you are going to toast a girl and you already know that English is not her first language, trying to communicate with her in her mother tongue can be an effective tool to winning her admiration at least.
So how do you toast an Igbo chic? You also need to know that she may very well say no and you should be equally be prepared for the rejection.

Well, you can take a step like this:

You: Nne Kedu (Meaning, how are you?)
She: Odinma (Meaning It is well)

You: -- You can say whatever you like here and if you can't really speak Igbo, you can just say it in English --

Finally you should try and conclude:

You: "Alike e rim gi" or "Afurum gi na anya" (meaning I like you or I love you)
You: Achorom ka anyi je mpaghari (or Can we go out?)
She: Mba(no) or Ngwa ni(Ok now)

Re: How to toast a girl in Igbo Reply by NWANNE on Friday February 17, 2012 at 14:39:28:

O'boy, you are really very far or better still, you are too old fashioned.The most primitive village Igbo girl will never listen to you if you adopt those tactics.

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