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Posted by on Friday September 9, 2011 15:38:15:

The world has a lot of people with an estimated population currently over 6 billion and counting. But we don't know everyone in the world. Only very few people are known when compared to the population of the world.

What I am saying is that as a group, the worl only knows few people and the reason why this is so is because only these few have a lifestyle that attracts and influences the world. Some of them got this status by being materially rich, some by being celebrities, some others by being religious, and some others by simply living public lives.

The reason why few people are more successful or live more influential lives is not really because of the public lives they live but because of the hidden power they have.

Every powerful person has got a hidden power and some have then more than others. Even in our local communities, we have our different levels of influential or successful people but the reason why they are so is not because of what they do in public but because of what they do behind and that is what I refer to as their hidden power.

Consider a person like Jesus Christ. A lot of people were drawn to him and he still remains popular today and to think that the whole world at least knows his story of over 2000 years ago is amazing. He must have been very powerdul within in order to at least command such fear or knowledge in our world today. But the rason why Christ was able to do those things was because he spent a lot of time in prayer while people slept, denied himself in the desert and at several times, spent more time with God rather than playing around. Christ was devoted to the spiritual and that he was able to easily influence the physical. His somewhat hidden life which people hardly saw was his hidden power.

Take another example of rich billionaires in our world today. Most of them didn't just get rich today. For some, they must have been many years of poverty, self denials and money management from generations of families, others spent more time as introverts to devote more time for business, some hardly even had social lives a teens and that was their hidden life. Even as billionaires, they hardly make friends or find it to make friends since as the saying goes "It's lonely at the top". The richer one becomes, the harder it may be to trust people but that is probably the cross they have to bear to remain rich and that is still part of the hidden life and power they have to carry on unless they want to change their status.

We even know of popular musicians and among them are Michael Jackson who ruled for many years as King of pop and more rightly so. Michael sacrificed a lot for his musical career, he went a little further than even the rest of his family who grew up with hims as musicians. He sacrificed a happy family life by being a star. He might have as well decided not to be a start in order to live a simple and happy married life with kids and enjoy stability and the press but he was willing to deny himself of all those things just to remain M.J. So even Michael had his own hidden power - something he sacrificed to be who he is.

A hidden power is something people have, mostly unnoticed, that makes them who they are in public. The more you have it when compared to others, the better will be your chances of influencing them.

A man who spends more time in prayer is more likely to perform more miracles than a man who spends more time going to movies. A man who spends more time developing his business would probably make more money than a man who hardly spends time on his business.

It is not the success that makes the person but the person he is behind that manifests later on.

Re: Hidden powers behind successful people Posted by OLOFINTUYI SAMUEL on Friday January 27, 2012 at 20:38:45:

Nice write up,keep it up

Re: Hidden powers behind successful people Reply by Chekwubeonuigbo on Monday February 13, 2012 at 21:54:32:

I trully agreed on your write up is really interesting.keep it up.

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