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Posted by Ebere on Friday July 8, 2011 14:10:39:

If you are connected to the Airtel network, I guess you would agree that it is one of the best mobile phone service providers globally. Airtel is growing in size as well as quality and apart from just voice calls, you can gain more from using data services as well.

Now in order to use your Airtel sim to connect to the web, you will definitely need to have it configured for mobile browsing. Actually, the configuration for using your Airtel sim are done on your local device which is the phone and not on the sim. Most Airtel sims are by default allready capable of offering data services but you have to set up your phone first and then assign your sim to that phone.

Here is what you need to do in order to be able to use your Airtel sim for mobile browsing:

1. Check if you phone already has data signal showing such as gprs or 3g
2. Contact your customer service centre and request for OTA settings
3. You may also visit the local website of Airtel and get the original settings which you can manually configure for your device

Doing the Manual configuration
- Plug in your modem or USB device containing the sim card and install it on your computer.
- Open up control panel on your computer and set up and internet connection
- You can name the connection Airtel Internet and include the username and password in the dial up options for eg. wap, if that is what your local Airtel uses
- Change the dial number to something like *99#

With your modem connected and selected as the default for this connection, you should be able to browse the web by just clicking on connect

Re: How to configure an Airtel sim card for internet browsing Reply by Stanley on Sunday December 23, 2012 at 10:6:28:

Send me the airtel configuration

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