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Asked by Aliyu on Tuesday October 9, 2012 17:29:13:

Re: Does Islam support what Boko haram is doing Reply by Ajose on Monday December 3, 2012 at 12:37:48:

I think the answer is yes.
The perpetrators have always quoted from their holy book. They often mention Jihad most times. But majority of moslems deny this by words but their actions, most times all over the world, shows they love violence. If moslems were given the chance, they would love to rule the world with Iron fist.
I see no reason why they want to rule the whole nation with sharia when they know the country is a secular state. They need to have a rethink. The world is a free place and shall remain free. Religious belief is a free choice. God does not force anyone to worship him. They should leave us to make our choices. Sharia rule have not helped those countries practicing it. If sharia is a solution to our problems, why are they having Arab spring, why are they overthrowing the govenments in Islamic Countries. Human beings are the same everywhere, there is more curruption in religious countries than those non-religiosu countries. all Nigeria needs is development, Good education, Tolerance and love and humility. Those using religion as a cover for propagating wickedness will regret the result of their evil actions. To separate people and cause religious hatred will not do us good. I am a Christian, I married a muslim, I cannot fight a muslim, I respect their religion and we dwell together without any fight. So shallit be. We are inter woven we should therefore de-emphasise our differences which is not there, The two religion are from same source -Abraham. Every difference in the religions is politically motivated and will do us no good.

Re: Does Islam support what Boko haram is doing Reply by Austin on Thursday January 10, 2013 at 6:49:50:

All nigeria needs now is not cmlopains and difiiculties cause on our roads in the name of searching for these terrorist, we all know that the method is not working out, But if given a listening ears, i would suggest that a new squared of intelligent officers be put in into play, well enriched with sophisticated technological equipments and intelligent resource persons to handle this job, cause i tell you this problem cannot be solved manually.i am interested to be a part of this intelligent squared if invited.

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