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    If not because of Nigeria Tribune newspaper,we would have turned to the deaf in terms of current news in politics,Education,Sports,Entertainment,business and so on. Nigeria tribune, you are too much.thank you ooooo.....

    - Fadugba Rasheed 01:16:20 08/04/11

    In al fairness! U pple are doing wonderfully wel-interms of publication ETHICS.

    - RAYMON DANIEL 12:47:53 07/04/11

    This very news paper gives all it takes to be informed to its eeaders, keep it up.Thanks.

    - Adefila Adekunle 04:18:48 06/04/11

    when personal interest gives way to the interest of the people,there would be a change. but for now the hope is bleak especially in Nigeria.

    - ALIU OLALEKAN ADEWALE 03:24:49 20/03/11

    BBK CALLS FOR TRANQUILITY IN THE POLITY"Barrister Kazim Badmus admonished all stakeholders in modern nigeria to eschew violence and rather encourage peace in their ways.While conducting special prayers to this effect on the 1st day of 2011,leaders of the 3 main faiths prayed that the spate of violence be abated and harmony be promoted among the people

    - Babaoba 20:58:51 02/01/11

    when would nigerian be mature enough to settle issuse amicably and live together in harmony,come this 2011 election let there be "peace" not a nation fallen apart.

    - Alaba Bolaji 19:40:03 29/12/10

    These ground breaking books about US history, sociology and public policy are necessary for all Nigerians - students, legislatures, government officials, businesses, etc - who need to know or do business with America. Buy the two volume books from Heartlandbooks.org

    - Prof Amaechi Okolo 12/12/10

    i need online time table for conduction of 2011 election in nigeria

    - dayo onisile 09:20:26 24/11/10

    Nigeria tribune i will never for get you.

    - Afosco 06:14:52 11/11/10

    Nigeria govt.shud look into d security of dis nation.Kidnapers are everywhere,most esp ABA Abia State.

    - Ede Magnus 10:06:37 09/10/10

    It's rich in dishing out the news just the way it is. Kudos Tribune! Job well done!

    - Mercy Olatunji 03:54:14 07/07/10

    I salute the tribune & all the journalists in nigeria.our country is a very difficult place for journalism, but if we must breakout of the strongholds of corruption & bad leadership,journalism has a big role to play.big ups to all the journalists in nigeria.God bless you & God bless nigeria!

    - Eke eugene 03:33:41 04/05/10

    Tribune is fresh i enjoy this paper and i must read it every day

    - Ken edward 03:43:51 28/04/10

    I appreciate nigerian tribune because is the news paper i enjoyed reading it gives fact of what we need.

    - Jane J 11:31:22 27/02/10

    I want to reed law just the proses about law shcool pls i need the detels about it now bye.

    - Ugwuani emmanuel 14:23:40 05/02/10

    So far, so Good this is the real newsaper ever.. Keep fling!!!

    - Omotoyinbo Olakanmi 12:09:55 26/10/09

    I received mail from who claimed to be the governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria saying I had money comming. After going back and forth, he arranged for me to meet his associate in Montreal Canada. They said I would have to bring $5,200.00 in cash to pay fees to the bank befdore the money would be turned over to me. This group of men met me at the airport. I was taken out in the middle of no where, beaten, robbed and left. I managed to finally get to the city and spent all day at the police department going over airport vidio's until we spotted my greeting group. I than went to Toronto to come home. I was stranded in Toronto for twenty hours because I had no pass port and they weren't going to let me come home. Even tho I had the police report showing all had been stolen, I still was disallowed to come home. Finally I talked my way into getting entrance and was given it to come home. Why does this happen ? Because the Nigerian Government will do nothing to sop it. They have no outlet for you to report anything. The Central Bank of Nigeria owes me over $170,000,000.00 and I can't get a dime. They want all kinds of stupid fees and everything else just to stall. I'll never get my money because they never intended to pay me from the word go.

    - DrDanny Sell 15:59:08

    For how long will our leaders keep chasing after shadows? What is the priority of sports in the attainment of the MDG's? In the midst of the current global economic recession,africa is pre-occupied with the hosting of the major world football tournaments.despite the dismal performance of our football teams, we keep sinking our hard currency on football to the detriment of other sectors. Why do we fail to accord education its proper position in nation building? AWAKE !!!

    - Kalu, C.O 02:14:53 29/09/09

    Thanks your news is real it follows the legacy of the founder. that is truth.

    - ADEGBEMI ISIAKA 19:30:14 05/09/09

    APPRECIATION I am one of the numerous readers and the contents of your daily is very rich culturally, politically,educationally,healthwise,socially and to crown it all,is the best newspaper to be read by all. Keep on the tempo.Thank you and God bless.

    - Muhammed T.Mahmud 11:39:03 27/08/09

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